Sarek Oy - Registrar services 1.0



Sarek accepts applications (orders) regarding registration of domain names and associated services under the terms presented herein, which the User acknowledges and accepts by submitting the application. In cases where Sarek accepts the assignment, the application is prepared, handled and forwarded to the respective top-level domain. It is therefore Sareks right to refuse an assignment offered. Sarek has no control over the top-level domain’s handling of the matter, fees or liability for them. It is incumbent upon the User to read the rules applicable for the top-level domain in question before submitting an application. The User herewith confirms that he has also read, understood and approved the following terms and conditions and policies which affect this Agreement:

Fees and prices

As the application procedure, application fees and applicable running registration renewal fees differ significantly from case to case depending on which top-level domain a domain will be registered under, current information is provided within the framework of each individual application process. All fees are to be paid upfront. Fees paid will not be paid back. Visit our website for prices and rules for each domain, We reserve the right to change prices and rules at any time. In the case of non-compliance with Sareks General Terms and Conditions or in the case of any unpaid outstanding invoice, Sarek as registrar has the right to deregister your domain names irrespective of any activities under them. This means in such cases that your domains will be deactivated and that any DNS services with associated connections may all cease functioning.

Contact information

The User and contact persons associated with the domain consent to the registration of personal particulars and their public accessibility via the Internet. It is incumbent upon the User to obtain the contact persons' consent per the above before submitting the application for registration. The User guarantees and undertakes to ensure that ALL information provided in connection with an application for registration of domain names is correct and that Sarek will subsequently be provided with written notification of any changes concerning such information. The User is responsible for ensuring that any notified changes are duly implemented. Registered data about the registered SLD holder and associated contacts can be rectified via the website, using the allocated user ID and password. If the contact information is changed this shall be rectified immediately, and in any case within 5 days at the latest.


Domains under the User's account enable automatic renewal of the domain name upon which a domain expires when this function is closed. Notice of termination of domains is given by disconnecting the automatic renewal process. Automatic renewal is enabled on each domain by default. Notice of termination must be submitted before the renewal date listed on customer account for each domain, at which point further registration renewal fees for the coming period will otherwise be debited at the applicable rate. See also Appendix 1. Current renewal price can be found by searching the domain on the search field at followed by a click on the info icon and then by selecting "renew domain".

Transfer out from Sarek Oy

In order to transfer your domain out from Sarek, please log in to your account. From there you can obtain the "Authorization info code" needed to transfer your domain from Sarek to your new registrar. When you request the code, the domain will be automatically unlocked. For those domains where there is no "Authorization info code" or where it cannot be obtained through your account, please contact (or using the support form on the website) to obtain the ”Authorization info code” and further instructions. The code will be sent within 5 days. There will be no fees for domains transferred out from Sarek.

Whois status generic top level domain

In order to protect your domain from unauthorized transfer and from being transferred without your consent, the domain will automatically be given the status ClientTransferProhibited. This status can be removed upon your request, by requesting an authorization code. By approving this agreement, you give your consent to give the domain the status ClientTransferProhibited.


The User accepts that Sarek may delete the User's registered domain name if information provided by the User proves to be inaccurate or misleading, as judged by Sarek. In the case of abuse of the domain name and abuse of our services, including but not limited to spam, phishing, human rights violations or causing general offence, Sarek as registrar has the right to deactivate the domain name.

Transgression and annulment

Any transgression of this agreement, irrespective of when it occurs or occurred and irrespective of what form the transgression takes, will be seen as a gross infringement. If the user has not rectified this within a period of 15 days after notification, Sarek retains the right to deregister the domain.


The User accepts that if a part of this agreement is revoked, the remainder of the agreement will continue to be valid. The User further accepts that alterations by Sarek in this agreement and/or any subsequent agreements will become a part of the existing agreement without Sarek being required to specifically notify the User of such alterations. If the User is not willing to accept such alterations, then upon receiving written confirmation from the User, Sarek will delete the User's SLD.

Disclaimer of liability

Sarek declares itself and its employees, suppliers and contract workers free from all liability towards the User for loss or damage, both direct and indirect. Users shall treat their allocated user names and passwords as documents of value.


Disputes regarding applications for domain name registration shall be resolved to binding effect in Helsinki district court under Finnish law.


Automatic renewal and deletion

A summary of the domains in your account will be sent each month. The domains which will soon expire will be listed. The summary will be sent by e-mail to the contact person(s) for the domain name. It will be the final responsibility of the Registrant to ensure that renewal is implemented.

Generic top-level domain

The life cycle of a gTLD (generic top-level domain, for example .com, .net, .info, .biz, .org, etc.) is as follows: Auto-renew grace period: 0-30 days after due date. The domain is active and can still be renewed. Redemption period: 30-60 days after due date. The domain is deactivated. Web pages and e-mail connected to the domain name no longer function. To renew the domain name it must be restored.
Pending delete: 0-5 days after redemption, when it can no longer be renewed. After that the domain is released and is available for registration again.
The price of restoration is 120 €, which includes 1 year's renewal. Please contact to order a restoration. If the auto-renewal function has been closed and the domain is not renewed, a reminder will be sent via e-mail to the owner contact 5 days after the expiry date for the domain.