Sarek is a domain registrar service for those tired of old thinking.

We offer a modern JSON API for registration of all domains, with a flat-rate fee on top of our own purchase prices. Our prices are transparent, when we get a better deal it will reflect upon our customers pricing as well.

As a business, our goal is to lower prices, enhance easiness of implementation of domain registrations and to work for a better, more transparent and fair internet as a whole.

As a registrar, we aim to attend the meetings of the different registries to argue for the values we find important. We see the internet as a public service, that should be available for everyone in an equal manner, to be for the public rather than organisations.

Our customers are organisations and people interested in a fair and balanced internet, that also love technology and are tired of special implementations on a per top level domain basis. Our special blend of technology, transparency and tireless work for a better internet is how and why we exist.